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Giới thiệu Thẻ Nhớ Ram 2gb Ddr2 Chất Lượng Cao Sdram Cho Máy Tính

Memory Voltage: 1.8V
PC2-6400S = 800 MHz
Memory types: DDR2
Memory capacity: 2 GB
Chip: double particle distribution 8 or 16
Application type: portable
Size: 6.75cm * 3cm
Packing ways: box
PC2-5300S = 667 MHz
Memory frequency: PC2-4200S = 533 MHz
Password: 200pin
-Due to arrival batches of different products, the production date and specific models and serial number are different. The image displayed on the main site is for reference. If there is any variation, according to the real object, please.
-Factory fully tested with stable quality

Desktop memory installation process display:
There are positive and negative aspects of the memory module. Generally, it cannot be inserted if it is inserted backwards. However, if you use too much force, you can insert it forcibly but it will block the motherboard's slot, so you do nt need to use a lot of force to install the memory. If you do nt feel it, it may be inserted backwards, in order to prevent reverse insertion. There is a gap on the memory, this gap is not in the middle position, so if the memory is inserted backwards, the gap cannot be aligned and cannot be installed.

Note on compatible performance cannot be used: In the field of computer accessories, as long as you buy the right model and read the product description, 99% of motherboards can be used. . Whether it is a graphics card, motherboard, or memory module, there are 3% unknown factors that cause incompatibility and other problems. Different batches of the same brand from the factory, different chips, and different numbers of particles may cause incompatibility issues. It is also possible that there is a compatibility problem between the memory and the memory, or there may be a compatibility problem between the motherboard and the memory. What is the cause of the incompatibility is not officially stated at present. In short, compatibility does not represent quality issues, so parents have incompatibilities after purchasing the product. We can provide unconditional return and exchange, but the postage generated is borne by the parents. Please consider carefully before shooting, it will avoid misunderstanding. produce. Thank you for understanding!

If the memory appears: blue screen, freeze, restart, alarm sounds, please follow the methods below one by one, if not, it is determined to be incompatible.

The memory is not inserted properly, or the gold fingers are oxidized. Use the eraser to erase the gold finger of the memory and re-insert it, or change the slot;
The memory slot is dusty or oxidized. Wash it with a brush and washing water (without washing water)
Memory is not compatible, try another memory.
CMOS does not discharge to restore factory settings, it may be normal (remove the motherboard battery, and then install it again).
The motherboard is not compatible with the CPU. Try another CPU.

Package Includes:
1 x Memory stick

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