Đầu Đọc Thẻ Otg Cho Điện Thoại Android

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Giới thiệu Đầu Đọc Thẻ Otg Cho Điện Thoại Android

1, the length of about 2cm, it can be used for OTG function is a digital device to do with the expansion of storage;
One is the mirco flat USB interface.
2, can also be very good for car audio connection U disk or card reader to use;
3, OTG function popular saying is:
A Micro USB interface access to the machine above, the other end can be used to connect a series of usb devices,
Most of them are used to access the card reader and u disk; will no longer be through the computer transit, OTG application is the biggest bright spot;
4, with OTG function of digital equipment output current is limited, if you want to take the mobile hard disk and the like, remember to use the external power supply hard disk box;
5, to achieve the premise of OTG transmission:
1) with OTG function of digital products (such as: mobile phones, MP4, MP5, MID Tablet PC, PDA and other products with OTG);
2) This is an intelligent small robot with OTG function.
3) usually like the Patriots, Newman, Hyundai, Blue Devils, Aino and other brands of MP4 with OTG function (please refer to the use of instructions or online parameters),
other camera digital companion and MID Tablet PC.
Pakage: 1 x OTG Adapter
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