Ống Kính Mắt Cá Góc Rộng 10x Cho Điện Thoại

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Giới thiệu Ống Kính Mắt Cá Góc Rộng 10x Cho Điện Thoại

10x telescope lens, color: black, gold, silver

Universal cat clip 4 in 1 lens, can clip any smartphone, can clip laptop/tablet,
You don't have to worry about magnet suction on the phone is not beautiful, buy this lens you can achieve a personal buy, a family use,
Anytime and anywhere, do not want to take it down, do not affect beauty, you can share this lens with your friends.
It really meets the needs of photo fever.

Fisheye lens-fish eye lens: can greatly expand the range of filming, 180 degrees of view, the scene of the scene to appear a condensed form, is a very artistic effect

Wide-angle lens: expand the mobile phone's photo scene, which is almost non-deformed and allows for larger scenes to be taken on a small scale

Macro lens macro lens: it was initially fitted with a wide angle lens-can be photographed at a 12mm proximity, so clear that it is hard to imagine kissing(Description: macro is a small distance shot, like a magnifying glass, so macro lens is shot close to 1-2cm to show effect)。When using macro lens, you need to unscrew the wide angle lens, which is inside the macro lens10 times the lens can be taken even further by your phone

This product includes: cat clip 1 fish eye 1 wide angle+macro 10 times telescope head 1 bag 1 pcs
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